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Registered Massage Therapy
Shiatsu / Reflexology / Thai Massage
65 Bellwoods Avenue, Toronto
Phone: 647.208.6159




Welcome to my clinic

When you come for a massage or a shiatsu treatment to ease off the grip of tight neck and shoulders or to seek relief from back pain, headaches, digestive or sleeping problems, or when you look for a new flow of energy for your whole body through Thai massage or reflexology, you will receive professional health care of the highest quality tailored to your needs and to the condition  you are currently experiencing in a setting
carefully designed to enhance relaxation,
using environmentally friendly* products.

*Since skin absorbs lotion and oil while being massaged, I use hypoallergenic products exclusively which contain 100 % vegetarian ingredients (most of them organic). These products have not been animal tested.

Your well-being is my highest priority.

My clinic is located between Queen Street West
and Dundas Street West (a few blocks West of Bathurst Street)  in Toronto.

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