​​Thai Massage
It is a hands-on therapy developed in Thailand. Thai massage uses passive stretching and slow, rhythmic, mindful pressure along the body’s energy lines (Sen) to release blockage or stagnation and restore the flow of energy through the body.

Its purpose is to heal a person physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

It is performed on a comfortable mat on the floor. No lubricant is applied, so you are fully dressed. Please bring or wear loose and comfortable clothing.

Breathing exercises
Proper breathing is important for our health.

Breathing exercises can be taught during the treatment and be given as a part of self-care. Using diaphragmatic breathing also known as “abdominal breathing” can increase relaxation, improve digestion, strengthen immune system, relax the muscles of shoulders, neck and jaw. 

Stretching techniques are incorporated into the treatment and may be given as a part of self-care. 

Stretching feels good and can relieve stress. It reduces muscle tension, increases flexibility and range of motion. It improves circulation and posture for a better health. 

Anpuku (or Ampuku)  [Anpuku]  
It is a form of abdominal massage developed in Japan. It is used especially during shiatsu therapy treatment. 

In shiatsu, the abdomen is the important part of the body because it is considered the centre of the vital life energy. The main purpose of the treatment is to rebalance the imbalance of the vital life energy. 

This abdominal treatment can help improve internal organ functions, promote digestion and elimination, reduce low back pain as well as neck and shoulder stiffness. Or it simply feels good and relaxes the whole body.


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