What is a shiatsu treatment?
Shiatsu therapy is a holistic form of treatment, focusing on the whole person: both body and mind. It involves the application of pressure at key points and along the meridians as well as stretching the body to help correct its imbalances and stimulate its natural healing process. 

From a Western medicine point of view, shiatsu pressure calms an overactive nervous system and promotes deep relaxation which helps to reduce stresstension and pain, and to improve organ function

What should I expect during my visit?
The treatment is done on a shiatsu mat laid on the floor. It can also be done on a massage table. 
Shiatsu treatment is done over the clothes and no oil or lotion is required. Since you keep your clothes on, it is recommended that you wear a loose, comfortable outfit (i.e. avoid skirt or jeans). 

What are the benefits from a shiatsu treatment?
Shiatsu therapy is very effective in treating many acute and chronic conditions:
Digestive problems
Lower back pain
Neck and shoulder problems
Headaches, Migraines
Poor circulation

The strength of shiatsu therapy lies in the prevention of the disease. 
Receiving regular treatments helps strengthen the body and maintain good health. 

What is shiatsu therapy? 
It is a hands-on therapy originating from Japan. Its purpose is to promote and maintain good health as well as to treat specific conditions. 

Shiatsu is based on the principles of Eastern medicine, where the vital energy (Qi in Chinese) is thought to circulate throughout the body along "meridians". When the vital energy flows smoothly, we are healthy; disease results from imbalances in its flow. 

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