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Shiatsu / Reflexology / Thai Massage

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More benefits gained from massage

It has been clinically proven that benefits of massage therapy extend quite beyond the noticeable relaxation of tense muscles induced by massage techniques. 

Physical Benefits 
Reduces muscle tension, stiffness and aches 
Reduces tension headaches 
Reduces swelling, cramps and muscle spasms 
Relieves pain 
Reduces blood pressure, and lowers heart rate 
Strengthens the immune system 
Speeds recovery from injuries and illness 
Enhances the health and nourishment of skin 
Promotes deeper, more effective breathing 
Improves posture 
Assists in general health maintenance 

Mental Benefits 
Reduces stress, anxiety 
Promotes better sleep 
Improves concentration 
Enhances capacity for calmness, clear thinking and creativity 
Improves problem solving capabilities 
Fosters peace of mind 
Creates body awareness 
Increases awareness of mind-body connection 
Provides a feeling of well-being